Hello, I'm Stefano, philosopher and innovator, and I want to share my world with you,
made of the search for beauty, love for culture and originality.

Art and books


Satiart was born as a cabinet of curiosities, a dialogue between words and images, an encounter between books and works of art .

My name is Stefano De Luca, I want to share my world, made of search for beauty, love for culture and originality .


"Sati" in the ancient Indian language Pāli means awareness : I chose this word for its strength and because awareness is a concept that has different nuances, one of which for me manifests itself in the deepening of art and literature.

If we come into conscious contact with beauty, if we try to immerse ourselves in every emotion that comes from observing the works art and from reading books , the hidden characteristics of the works can reveal many aspects of our spirit.

I find this value in the concept of "slow looking", a technique developed by the museum Tate of London, which suggests how to observe the works of art to fully enjoy their beauty, staying focused on the work for at least 10 minutes, avoiding the anxiety of immediately moving on to the next work. For me, "slow looking" is not only a way of approaching art but also a form of meditation and self-knowledge, important values ​​for my activity with Satiart.

When I created Satiart, I asked myself what was the message I wanted to convey by sharing my love for art and books with others. The answer is beauty and uniqueness, which are the intrinsic characteristics of each person, but also of each composition that I propose .

I choose the works of art for their beauty , sometimes unconventional, and I print them on the pages of books that have a story; each page is unique and there will never be another one that is alike . The result is a design that is always different, thoughtful and unrepeatable.

The pleasure of assembling


It happens to many people to understand, at some point in their life, which is the direction to follow to make their dreams come true . For me that moment came in 2015, while I was visiting a Joseph Cornell exhibition in London. The American artist is considered the pioneer of assembly: his collages of objects and materials represent in a marvelous way the ability to mix and combine apparently different elements , to give life to another world and an unexpected message.

Thanks to his works I understood that passion can shape desires.


I have a degree in philosophy and have always worked in artificial intelligence and computer science. I started to love art and literature since I was a kid and I looked at Dürer's drawings and read the fantastic prose of Goethe's Faust. A computer scientist usually expects a good dose of rationality and unshakable logic, while I often find myself following dreams and intuitions , even outside the box.

SatiArt represents the point where my two natures meet: the intuitive one lets itself be carried away by ideas, even when they seem crazy; the rational one elaborates them and seeks the solution to compose images and pages that have meaning.

Thus the creations are the result of intuition and logic, and one influences the other in a continuous exchange.

The beauty of the unusual


Thanks to the activity I started with Satiart, I reflected on the fact that sometimes we happen to go against the tide. I went from digital to material, while much of the rest of the world is going in the opposite direction.

Yet between my work and my passions there are many points in common. Indeed, the analysis of data and complex projects requires patience, precision and research, as happens for the choice of a particular book and the work of art that I select for assembly in the SatiArt collections: nothing is random, the result goes beyond the aesthetic aspect because the two elements are linked by a meaning, becoming something completely new and original..


Beauty sometimes hides in little-known works and objects: Satiart was also born as Wunderkammer, a "room of wonders", a place for those who love to discover unusual and original objects, beautiful to look at, to buy for themselves or to give, one casket to browse.

But to find beauty it also takes the courage to go beyond the characteristics that we consider "normal". I therefore decided to include in the SatiArt collections particular images and works of art that can also be considered strange, but which precisely for this reason reveal a unique and surprising charm.

The team


The love of beauty is contagious! Since I started my "conscious" research path I have had the great fortune to meet creative and passionate people who have decided to accompany me on this adventure. SatiArt today is a collective that includes artists, collectors and onlookers who have decided to make a contribution in the process of selecting and assembling the works, offering stimuli and new possibilities for exploring art and words.

Let's find small hidden treasures together to enrich our room of wonders more and more and to share ideas and objects with those who always love to discover something new and original.