Mix-up: Lotus flowers, Ohara Koson
Mix-up: Lotus flowers, Ohara Koson
Mix-up: Lotus flowers, Ohara Koson


Mix-up: Lotus flowers, Ohara Koson

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Dimensions: 210x297 mm (8.2”x 11.7”)


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This image shows the flowering of the lotus flower, one of the most elegant aquatic plants, with spectacular leaves and intense flowers. The lotus is considered highly spiritual, a symbol of the elevation of the spirit with respect to the initial conditions: in fact, its flower remains pure even though it is born from the mud.
As intended by the author, this print gives serenity and harmony to the viewer, allowing this masterpiece to be placed in any room.

Painting of lotus flowers by the Japanese painter and draftsman Ohara Koson, who lived between 1800 and 1900. The original is kept in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Printed on a sheet of an Italian vintage art encyclopedia.
Frame not included.

A unique piece

Why give it away

This print gives serenity and harmony to the beholder, allowing you to put this masterpiece in any room.

No two prints will ever be the same, the page you receive may be different than the one shown, but it will come from the same book stated in the description.
Made with love in Italy 🇮🇹

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There is no fixed size because we use old or vintage books or different sheet music. On the page of each product, immediately under the title of the work, the dimensions of that specific print are shown.

Currently the prints do not include the frame, but we are working to offer it as an additional product!


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